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. these were your highs today. high temperatures oakland 57, napa 56, morgan hill and fremont only 55. and downtown san francisco, only hit 52. so it won't take much to get us into the 40s. some of you already there. won't take much to get us into the 30s. east bay and interior valleys, concord, pleasanton, livermore, danville, fairfield near freezing under a frost advisory, napa near freezing again, san rafael 38, even san francisco down to the mid-40s. now, the radar is dry right now. cbs 5 high-def doppler radar is dry as of this very second but that's going to be changing. by tomorrow, showers moving in. there is a large area of low pressure kind of see it looks like a big v or u on your television screen. here it is. and behind that, very cold, unstable air. this is the first of about five or six of these low pressure areas that are going to move through over the next week or so. so the first of many arctic low pressure areas, consider the source, look where it's coming from. that's alaska. it's sliding from the west coast towards us. that means it will stay chilly and going to g
. fremont 44. concord 46. vallejo 49. napa 43 degrees. not the 20s and 30s like we've seen recently. so here's the low pressure system far away from us with the first of many fronts now piling into northern california. this pattern is going to be stuck with us until sunday night so we're wet, windy tomorrow as the first front moves through. but with low pressure not moving, there are more fronts and that storm track right towards us so it will stay wet until sunday night or christmas eve morning on monday. so we are going to be wet for the morning commute tomorrow. rain moving in north and south. rain heavy at times through sunday. the skies will clear though good news. santa claus going to be just fine. partly cloudy skies christmas eve night. 50s tomorrow, mid-50s san francisco, fremont 55. mountain view wet 56. fairfield concord livermore mid- 50s with rain likely. rain likely on saturday. rain likely on sunday for you last-minute shoppers. go buy and umbrella for yourself. monday the rain moves out. christmas day is dry. more rain moves in next wednesday and thursday. that's your cbs 5 f
here. tesla is building the car of the future here in fremont, too. >> it's a beautiful plant. thank you. >>> the chp has busted a trio of armed robbers who have been targeting tolltakers on the carquinez bridge. they wore masks during the heists but cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran explains, they still managed to give themselves away. >> this case was an excellent example of law enforcement working together for a common goal of public safety. >> reporter: chp investigators through surveillance video and evidence were able to tie at least three of the ten robberies to three vallejo men. >> in the past 7 days, two of the suspects were arrested and a third is also in custody. he was already in custody on an unrelated matter. >> reporter: the suspects would wear masks making it difficult to id them through video. one big clue in the case, the cars used in the robberies were stolen and the three suspects were known car thieves. >> we knew from past experience car thieves and surveillance led to names of people that were involved. >> reporter: the robberies went from last year to may of this
the south bay and union city and fremont and hayward. here's what's going on. it's a pretty significant weather system that stretches all the way from central canada down now to los angeles. what we're going to see we are going to see these areas of lower pressure move into the bay area over the next couple of days. we had one this morning. it was windy and wet. we'll get another one tonight windy and wet again. then a break tomorrow late in the day. sunday here comes another one of the the overall pattern is going to get locked in place with high pressure to our south and west, lower pressure to our north and west that's allowing all of these storms to sneak right in between the two into northern california so aside from christmas eve, there's a rain chance each of the next seven days. so tonight, we are getting a break now. rain will pick up after midnight tomorrow morning very wet. then we get another break tomorrow evening so we have to go shopping got to get out tomorrow evening is a good bet then the rain comes back on sunday. dry day will be monday christmas eve. highs tomorrow a
bay area police departments to step up their schools' presence today. oakland, fremont, san leandro and palo alto all increased school patrols. the san francisco schools already have resource officers. extra police or not schools across the bay area are also addressing tragedy in connecticut. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez is in san francisco with a look at how local school districts are handling it. >> reporter: schools across the bay area have spent the day reassuring parents that, yes, they are doing everything they can to keep their children as safe as possible. it may be 3,000 miles away from the worst grade school shooting in american history but still, the mood here is somber. >> i think every parent is turning around and saying, i got to hug my kids that much tighter today. i got a text from a friend who said i drove straight from my son's preschool and gave him a hug and said, son, i love you. i want to let you know that. i think that's how every parent is feeling like horrible sadness for the families that are going through this and need to reconnect. >> reporter: san francisc
championship game going on now in palo alto and fremont union city and hayward getting light showers, as well. the russian river will see a significant water level rise this weekend. almost the flood stage. it's under a flood watch but right now the latest forecast from the weather service is calling for the 1.6 feet below flood stage. the one area under a flood watch, the russian river. there is a flash flood watch all week for the north bay and coastal mountains. the ground is saturated and there's a lot more rainfall coming. there is a flash flood watch all weekend for the area. there is a large area of low pressure to the north and west guiding all this tropical moisture all the way from hawaii to san francisco and the bay area. now we have the next batch of moisture their will move around the bottom or the base of this trough of low pressure right into the bay area about this time tomorrow. so tomorrow night and most of the day on sunday, is going to be a soaker but that's the last batch moving through. we have been numbering them and that will be round three. how much rainfall? you're p
in the bay area. the sisters work out of this quiet peaceful church in fremont. they don't work directly with the victims. instead, they work with local organizations that reach out to women who are forced into prostitution, providing those agencies with money and donating gifts to the victims. they also partner with the fbi to find help and resources for those victims, though the sisters admit they were reluctant to do so at first. >> i need the fbi because of the work that i'm doing. fbi needs us because we're that link to the community. >> reporter: and because of their work, the fbi today honored the sisters with the prestigious directors community leadership award. the sisters say the award is a recognition for all the organizations that fight human trafficking. >> it couldn't have been awarded to a more deserving organization. >> reporter: nola runs a nonprofit in oakland known as messy which empowers girls exploited by the sex trade industry. she says the sisters are one of the reasons why they can continue to help victims in the east bay. >> we stand on their shoulders. we would
. san jose you should be at 61. instead only 54 degrees. milpitas 54. fremont 53. highs tomorrow for pittsburg, antioch, fairfield, low 50s, napa 51 and san rafael and san francisco only in the low 50s tomorrow. extended forecast, we are dry but chilly tuesday and wednesday. then we are going to get wet thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. we are all looking at a chance of rain perhaps some clearing towards the top of next week which is christmas eve. but a wet shopping forecast for saturday and for sunday with highs only in the 50s with rain likely over the weekend. this is a great portion of our show. it's "food for bay area families." corinne is here from the emc corporation and you have the check which we'll get to but first tell us about your company's involvement in "food for bay area families." >> so emc is a proud sponsor of the second harvest holiday food drive. we give back to local communities. we are proud to be supporting local families in need with food. >> you are supporting big time so without further ado, let us know this awesome gift. >> we are proud to presen
is previous landslides residents along canyon hikes drive here in fremont monitor the hills. this old landslide is clearly visible just above the neighborhood but juan gonzalez says there has not been too much trouble recently. >> the neighbors had a meeting in the school and they were concerned about the slides. >> reporter: it's right above the school. >> yeah. >> reporter: in 2005 this massive landslide occurred in the southern california community of la conchita another unseen danger of landslides, they can happen well after the heavy rains disappear. so what should you watch out for? >> sometimes you can see cracks on a slope if there's not a lot of vegetation. you might recognize that if there's not a lot of trees in the way or if you can see bulging in the ground. >> reporter: experts also say there's one simple thing you can do if you live on a hillside right above you. if you have lower bedrooms, simply don't sleep in those during periods of heavy rain. elizabeth that will give you time get out if the hill gives way. back to you. >> thank you. >>> all right. let's go to paul
are looking forwards fremont, getting some heavy rainfall between now and 7:30. great news for skiers. two to seven inches of new snow. but the ski resorts about 5000 feet, anywhere from 8 to 16 inches of additional snowfall on top of the five feet of snow that you had since last thursday. so a lot of snow in the mountains. cloud cover acting like a blanket put over top of the bay area. that will keep us somewhat mild, especially considering today we evenly got up to about 50. we'll be in the mid-40s tonight. mountain view, 46. napa, 43 and livermore down to 42 degrees overnight tonight. take a look at what's going on. we have the storm track which is squarely aimed at northern california for about the past, gosh, four or five weeks. whenever a storm comes by, we'll grab a piece of it and we'll grab a piece of this once again. heaviest rainfall already pushed off to the east, another wave of rain fall moving in right now. wet at times and windy at types. we'll get another one of those really tiny brief breaks that begins tomorrow afternoon. thursday looks dry. over my shoulder, there is th
toward the area. we'll get more throughout the winter but not tomorrow. highs today, fremont 63, concord 61, 61 san francisco, half moon bay 60, santa cruz 59, sonoma 56. chilly and humid today. here's hi-def doppler. yes, there are some yellows on your television screen. let's investigate a bit. we have some showers heading over point reyes and we also have some -- one heavier shower passing over calistoga and will miss st. helena by about 5 miles to your north and west. so why is this just rain and not a storm? that bears explaining. i'm going to do that now. northern california is going to get some rainfall. two things have changed. first, the atmosphere isn't as juicy. there's a certain water content that we can measure in the atmosphere and this particular system doesn't have as much as the past three that you endured over five days. so not as much juice in the atmosphere and notice everything is lifting to our north and west because that's where the focus of the jet stream energy is. it's been pushed a little to the north because of high pressure building in off the southern califo
up. the kids at the bus stop in redwood city, mountain view, fremont, lows in the 30s, even san francisco for the first time this year dropping down to 40 degrees. here's cbs 5 high-def doppler radar with clear skies. we would expect the radar to be clear and it is. but it won't be starting thursday. speaking of not clear on the radar, how about the snow that's going to come to the mountains. skiers and snowboarders, you love this! check out the snow levels. 1500 to 2,000 feet. we're talking up to two feet of new snow by thursday with more snow coming up on friday and saturday. here's the deal. two things i want to talk about. first is the cold. check out the influence of our air still coming down from the north and west. it is december. it's almost winter so when we do this we are going to get chilly. high pressure off to our west, ushering in the cold canadian air the coldest night since january. low pressure moves closer to us. that will take the storm track toward the bay area. rain begins on thursday. it will be wet from thursday through sunday. so clouds will increase late
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12